What's wrong with my birds?

So something is going around your flock and you don't know what it is or what to do?  Answer a few questions or use our Symptom Analysis Tool and see if we can get to the bottom of it and get your flock back to their perky selves. 

Option 1:  Symptom Analysis Tool:

  1. Lethargic - Do your birds seem to huddle, hang out on the roosting bar all day or just lack energy?
  2. Ruffled Feathers - Do their feathers look rumpled and rough, like they just rolled out of bed and forgot to comb their hair?  Do they look especially dull when they are usually shiny?
  3. Respiratory - Are they sneezing, have a swollen face, rattled breathing, nasal discharge or bubbly eyes?
  4. Limping/Lameness -Are they having trouble walking or do they have an awkward limp?  
  5. Pale Comb/Face - Is their face and comb a pale pink instead of a nice, bright red? 
  6. Weight Loss - Are your birds looking smaller than usual, lacking their usual plumpness?
  7. Drop in Egg Production - Did your egg production drop unexpectedly? 
  8. Lesions/Sores - Do you see any sores or scabs on their unfeathered parts or in their mouth? 
  9. Diarrhea - Are your birds' stools loose instead of firm with a nice, white cap or are they an unusual color?
  10. Decreased Appetite - Do they seem uninterested in food when it is offered, even if you throw out some scratch?
  11. Swollen Face/Eyes - Does it seem like the area around their eyes and face are puffy or even warm to the touch?
  12. Discoloration - Is their head discolored in any way, not just pale but with a bluish or darkened look?

Option 2: Begin by Clicking on the primary symptom you are noticing in your flock:

Then Narrow it down by mortality

Have you had any birds die? 

Option 3:  Think you know what it is?  Read in-depth analysis of common health problems:

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