Diarrhea in poultry

The stools of all healthy poultry should be firm with a nice white cap on it.  If it is consistently loose, something is likely wrong and you'll want to narrow it down and treat it.  Here are some possibilities with some clarifying questions to help you decide:

  • Worms - Have you noticed any worms in their stools and do they have access to a lot of earthworms?  Do they seem to have a pale comb?
  • Infectious Coryza - Do they have a strong, unpleasant odor?
  • Botulism - Have they had any access to moldy feed and do they seem droopy? 
  • Avian Influenza  - Do they have a blue or purple swollen head?
  • Marek's Disease - Do they also walk strangely and have greenish diarrhea?

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