Decrease in Egg Production

Has your egg production suddenly and unexpectedly dropped?  If it's not fall and they aren't molting, something else is likely the culprit.  These are some possibilities along with some clarifying questions to help you narrow it down:

  • Mites - If you check your bird's vent, are there moving black parasites? 
  • Dry Pox - Are there dark red, black or gray bloody scabs on the non-feathered parts of your bird?
  • Lice - Do their feathers seem rumpled and do they seem restless and preen like there is skin irritation?
  • Infectious Coryza - Do they respiratory symptoms and have a strong odor?
  • Infectious Laryngotracheitis - Do they have respiratory symptoms and have trouble breathing?
  • Coccidiosis - Have you noticed any blood in their stools?
  • Worms - Have you noticed any worms in their feces and do they seem pale or lethargic?
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease/Mycoplasma Gallicepticum - Do they have ongoing respiratory struggles, but never seem to get much better or worse?

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