Lameness, Limping or Paralysis

Is your bird walking strangely, with a limp or an uneven gait or does it even seem paralyzed and unable to walk?  It could be one of these diseases:

  • Bumblefoot - Does it have a hard scab on the bottom of its foot?
  • Marek's Disease - Does it have poor coordination, have a wing hanging down or seem unable to move with one leg forward and one leg back?
  • Fowl Cholera - Was the bird healthy one day and dead the next?
  • Coccidiosis - Do your birds have blood in their stools?
  • Botulism - Do they seem drowsy and can't hold their head up and have they had access to moldy feed or food scraps?
  • Osteopetrosis - Are their legs swollen and thick?

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Proverbs 12:10a