Does your flock seem lethargic, tired and lacking their usual energy?  It's probably a sign that something is going on with them, health-wise.  There are many things this could point to so clarifying questions are included to help you narrow it down:

  • Mites - If you examine their vent, are there moving black bugs running around?
  • Worms - Have you noticed any worms in their stools?  Do they also seem somewhat pale? 
  • Dry Pox - Are there dark red, scabby and bleeding lesions on their non-feathered skin?
  • Coccidiosis - Have you noticed any blood in their stools?
  • Marek's Disease - Do they also seem to be walking strangely?
  • Botulism - Have they had any access to moldy feed or table scraps?  Is their head droopy?
  • Avian Influenza - Is their head a blue or purple color?
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease/Mycoplasma Gallicepticum - Do your chickens seem unable to shake minor respiratory issues, but never seem to get any better or worse?  Is the spread in your flock very slow?

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