Ruffled feathers

Does it seem like your flock looks disheveled, like they got out of bed and forgot to comb their hair?  Are the feathers rough and rumpled?  Consider these possibilities with some clarifying questions to help you narrow it down:

  • Lice - Does your flock seem unsettled and doing a lot of preening?  Are there tan/clear bugs on their skin or clusters of white eggs at the base of the feathers?
  • Botulism - Has your flock had access to moldy feed or food scraps?  Is their neck drooping?
  • Coccidiosis - Have you noticed blood in your flock's stools?
  • Fowl Cholera - Did they seem healthy yesterday and have died today?
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease/Mycoplasma Gallicepticum - Do they also struggle with ongoing respiratory symptoms that don't seem to spread quickly or get better or worse?

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