Weight loss in Poultry

Does it look like your flock has been on a diet and can't seem to gain weight?  This can be caused by several varied possibilities.  Hopefully we can narrow it down with clarifying questions:

  • Mites - Have you examined their vent and noticed moving black bugs running around?
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease/Mycoplasma Gallicepticum - Do they also seem to have an ongoing struggle with respiratory symptoms that don't get worse or better and spread very slowly through the flock?
  • Marek's Disease - Are they having any trouble walking?
  • Coccidiosis - Have you noticed any blood in their stools?
  • Worms - Have you noticed any worms in their stools and do they also seem to have a pale comb?
  • Fowl Cholera - Was your flock fine yesterday and you've had some die suddenly today?

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